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Pregnancy Support Belt

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Our Mama Bunny maternity support belt is designed to provide ultimate comfort and lower back support during pregnancy.  Feel the amazing difference!!

Breathable material, adjustable velcro strap

Nude color

✔ RELIEVE YOURSELF OF PREGNANCY RELATED PAINS- Our maternity belt for pregnancy is recommended by doctors for use during pregnancy. Are you experiencing waist pain, abdominal pain, hip, lower back, and pelvic girdle pain? Then this maternity belt is just for you. Use and experience complete relief. Don’t you want that? GET YOURS TODAY!
✔ EXPERIENCE MAXIMUM COMFORT- This pregnancy support belt will help you carry out your daily activities with apparent ease. This support belt keeps your baby comfortable. You can wear this maternity belt comfortably during summer because is designed with breathable fabric. It will never make you sweat.
✔ POSTURE CORRECTOR- During pregnancy, the weight carried in the front of your body can affect your spine. Our elastic maternity belts during pregnancy will lessen the burden the weight in front puts on your spine, strengthen your muscles, and correct your body posture helping you have a good appearance.
✔ EASY TO USE- maternity belt maternity support brace is very easy and simple to put on. You can perfectly wear it under any of your outfits. It will help reduce stretch marks during and after pregnancy.